Fundraiser Option

Total Pledge Split – 30% Cash to School, 70% Books (50% to Student, 20% to School*)

Book & Reading Bonanza
Total Pledge Split – 110% Books (50% to Student, 60% to School*)

* The books split percentages can be adjusted as necessary.

Program Details:

  • $250 minimum
  • Free Shipping


The Usborne Consultant Sets up a preview for teachers and students to create a wish list.  These wish lists are sent home with parent information and pledge forms.

After two weeks of reading, parents return the pledge forms and student book selections.  Within a week, the books are delivered to the Usborne Consultant, sorted and delivered to the school ready for distribution to parents at pick up.

Reach for the Stars!! is a pledge based incentive program that rewards children for reading with free books of their choice as well as new books for the school.  The goal of the program is to have the children read, or be read to, a minimum of 300 minutes over a two-week time period, or an average of 30 minutes per school day.  Pledges are collected from friends, neighbors ad family who support the children’s reading activity.

Reach for the Stars!!