Cats, cats, are everywhere.
Look at all the cats out there!
Which kind of cat are you? Fluffy, nosy, timid or big? Check the mirror in the back of the book to find your feline face! Are you sleepy, brave or sneaky? There's a "purrfect" adjective for everyone!

Author/Illustrator Michelle Nelson-Schmidt

Learn all about shapes – and how we can combine them to make new shapes – with Whatif Monsters!

An inclusive and diverse series perfect as a family read-aloud or for the newly independent reader! This series will help young ones navigate through the scary 'what ifs' they too might encounter in life.

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Bob is not a unicorn. His friend George knows that. So does Stella. And Ted, and Larry.
In fact, it’s definite: Bob is not a unicorn.

Or is he?
Bob is a Unicorn, by beloved author Michelle Nelson-Schmidt, celebrates both the power of imagination and the importance of always – no matter what anyone else says - believing in yourself.

Titles include:

1. A New Friend for Jonathan James            10. Different but the Same

2. Super Sam and the Big Secret                      11. The Accident

3. Sebastian and the Wobbly Words             12. Flora and the Fairy

4. Gabby and the Mean Girl                                13. The Luckiest Day

5. The Trouble with Tryouts                                14. Gabby's Forever Family

6. Best Friends Forever?                                       15. Jonathan James and the New Pet

7. The Sleepover Secret                                        16. The Yard Sale

8. A Sad Time for Tori                                             17. The Big Move

9. A New Sister for Sebastian                            18. A New Town for Jonathan James

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Whenever Jonathan James finds himself in a new situation, he hears his Whatif Monster asking all kind of questions to stop him trying something new: What if it’s scary? What if they laugh? What if it’s hard?  Finally, Jonathan James has some questions of his own: What if they don’t? What if it isn’t? What then?

Dogs, dogs are everywhere.
Look at all the dogs out there!
Little, sad, pretty lazy, fast, dirty - there are as many different kinds of dogs as there are kinds of kids! Which one are you like? Check the mirror in the back of the book to see. Are you shaggy? Stubborn? Or just doggone happy to have a new dog book to share?

Plush characters The Whatif Monster, Cordelia and Beatrice. 

When Herman spread things, he noticed that it made people very happy. They smiled and said very happy words. That, Herman decided, was just like spreading love. Spreading love was Herman's purpose. He was very proud of his purpose. But one day, Stanley, a brand new as-seen-on-tv blender shows up and disrupts Herman's whole world. Herman hardly gets used any more and loses his whole purposes in life. A book about learning that we have many purposes in this life. And maybe, our most important purpose of all, is spreading love.

Cordelia can fly. Over the ocean, up with the birds, wherever she wants to go, she does. It’s her favorite thing. It’s what makes her happy. It’s what makes her who she is.
Until one day, she hears the whispers: people can’t fly; it’s impossible. And suddenly, Cordelia can’t. 
A modern-day fable about believing in yourself and your dreams – and flying wherever you want to go.

Learn all about opposites – and colors – with Whatif Monsters!

“Sometimes the thing that you just cannot see is right in front of you, clear as can be.” From beloved author/illustrator Michelle Nelson-Schmidt comes a wonderful read-aloud rhyming tale about finding and being a friend – whoever you are, wherever you are.

Please, Mind the Bear is about respecting boundaries other's set for themselves and others. Bear is an introvert who prefers to be alone. Rabbit doesn't like rules or respect boundaries. What happens when someone has stated clearly what they want and need, asks repeatedly to be heard, but is ignored? There are consequences for our actions. Sometimes they can be a steep price to pay as Rabbit learns. When we respect what others are saying they want - and don't want - we all feel safer in our skin.

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Learn all about kindness – and ideas for being kind to others – with Whatif Monsters!

Learn all about feelings – and ideas for dealing with them – with Whatif Monsters!

 ​​Cordelia is an 11-year-old girl and a bit of a loner. She finds comfort in facts, knowledge, and consistency. She prefers her world not to change.

Things do change however, when Cordelia meets a magical blue whale named Beatrice. Nothing is ever the same for Cordelia as she befriends the ancient whale and finds out secrets of the universe from Beatrice that she must learn and master.

A novel about belief, courage, confidence and the need for all of us to find strength and power in ourselves and each other through communication, connection and a little bit of magic. We are all meant to fly in this world – perhaps literally.