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Hosting a party is easy!


Simply invite friends over for a "Friends Night Out" to browse through the catalog, see some sample books and HAVE FUN!  Your Consultant with Usborne Books & More will share briefly what makes Usborne Books unique and our money-saving options.  Guest place their orders and as the host, you benefit by earning free and discounted Usborne and Kane Miller books.


Books are displayed at your workplace for viewing and ordering.  Your Consultant will be happy to stay and talk about the books and their educational benefits.  Online ordering is also available.

If you are donating the free books earned to an organization, please provide that information to the Usborne Consultant.  This type of show could earn up to 50% back to the organization of your choice.

Sound easy?  It is!  So consider starting your own business with Usborne Books & More and let your party be your first party.  By doing so, you'll be able to earn DOUBLE Free Books and the commission as an Usborne Consultant - approximately $100 for every party.

Please contact UBAM Junkies HERE for more information about hosting a party or becoming a Consultant.

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